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Set up

An efficient and friendly Megabag team member will arrive on your residential or commercial site to deliver and install your very own Megabag. You can be assured that your Megababs will be securely set up to ensure ease and safe use.

Fill In

Fill in your Megabag with the general waste from your construction site. Rather than having waste scattered around your site, your Megabag will ensure your site is safe, tidy and organised.


Pick Up

Our team will collect your Megabag and install a new Megabag in its secure cage immediately to ensure you are able to continue disposing your waste with no delay.


CALL 1300 097 928

Your Megabag Choices


1 cubic meter (1.00m X 1.00m X 1.00m). No cage required.


2.3 cubic meter (2.30m X 1.00m X 1.00m). No cage required.


5.3 cubic meter (1.79m X 1.79m X 1.65m). Cage* required. *Cage hire up to 14 weeks.

Who We Are

Megabag is a waste management solution, replacing the need for the traditional skip bin. With it’s heavy duty material, Megabag is the modern way of managing your waste on construction sites. Given it’s accessibility and durability, Megabag can stay on your site for as long as you need, unlike the traditional skip bin. Megabag prides itself on providing exceptional customer service with the most competitive hire rates to ensure all of our clients receive 100% satisfaction. Megabag believe that clients deserve to receive specialist and efficient services, responsiveness and value for money. Megabag have a robust collection of high quality and durable bags. It is the environmental, waste management solution of the future.