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Construction Site Waste Management experts

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Construction Site Waste Management experts

Skip Bag Hire Services Clayton

We Are Mega Bag

Mega Bag is a specialist waste management solution for the construction & residential industry in and around Clayton.

Our heavy duty bags represent the modern way of managing construction site waste. Mega bin-bags are durable and accessible and can stay on site for as long as you need, unlike the traditional skip bin. Save time, money and stress using Skip Bin Bags in Clayton.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service with the most competitive hire rates to ensure our clients receive 100% satisfaction.


  • Experienced and Professional
  • Simple to Book
  • Prompt Reliable Delivery and Pick-up
  • Competitive Prices
  • We Sort and Recycle to Save Landfill
  • We Help Your Site Area to Become
  • Clean & Waste Free with Our Innovative Waste Management Solutions.


Our efficient and friendly team member will arrive on your residential or commercial site to deliver and install your very own Megabag. You can be assured that your bags will be securely set up to ensure ease and safe use.


Fill in your binbag with the general waste from your construction site. Rather than having waste scattered around your site, your Megabag will ensure your site is safe, tidy and organized.


Our team will collect your Mega skip bag and install a new bag in its secure cage immediately to ensure you are able to continue disposing your waste with no delay.

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  • 1 Cubic Metre
  • (1.00m x 1.00m x 1.00m)
  • No Cage Required


  • 2.3 Cubic Metre
  • (2.30m x 1.00m x 1.00m)
  • No Cage Required


  • 5.3 Cubic Metre
  • (1.79m x 1.79m x 1.65m)
  • Cage Required
  • Cage Hire up to 14 Weeks
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Skip the Hassle: Planning a home renovation or tackling a spring cleaning marathon? Skip bin hire services in Clayton offer a convenient solution. Local companies provide a variety of skip bin sizes to suit your needs, ensuring responsible and efficient waste disposal.

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We sort construction site waste to minimise environmental impact and save reusable materials from ending up in landfill in Victoria.

Building waste includes the actual construction materials, such as timber, plasterboard, masonry, brick, concrete and Hebel waste materials as a result of demolition,construction or renovation.

Much of this material can be reused to create new building materials or recycled for other products. For example, timber can be processed into products such as mulch.

Concrete and tile can be pulverised, for use in aggregates or gravel and then used to make more concrete, mortar or asphalt. Waste plasterboard can be processed to recover the gypsum to make new plasterboard. Steel, brass, aluminium and copper are sought after for scrapmetal recycling.

Using Mega Bag to remove and recycle your site waste materials adds to your green credentials and benefits the recycling industry and the environment.


There are a few rules regarding special types of construction and other waste that we need to flag as safety is important.

There are some regulations regarding toxic waste that we need to adhere to. Don’t make costly mistakes by putting the below mentioned items.

Excluded Items into your Mega Bag. For more information see our FAQ page. Or call us on 1300 097 928.


General Waste, Timber, Steel, Plastic, Insulation, Bricks, Plasterboard, Roof Tiles, Tiles and Concrete.


Gas Bottles, Asbestos, Clinical or Medical waste, Hazardous or Toxic Materials, Fluorescent Tubes, Solvents, Liquids, Oil, Petrol Diesel, Tyres, Batteries, Paint and Paint Tins.





SURCHARGES will apply to any EXCLUDED ITEMS discovered in the Mega Bag. We will face a SIGNIFICANT SURCHARGE (which will vary item to item) and in turn, will be passed on to you, the customer.

If you are in any doubt, call our team on 1300 097 928 to check.


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Mega Bag is the Modern Way of Managing Waste on Construction Sites

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