Most frequent questions and answers

Mega Bag take almost anything that will fit into them including:

Construction waste

General waste, timber, steel, plastic, cardboard, insulation, bricks, roof tiles,! tiles and concrete.

However, for environmental reasons, certain items attract a surcharge, or, should be disposed of separately.

These include:

Surcharge items

Tyres, Batteries, Paint and paint tins


Gas Bottles, Asbestos, Insulation, Clinical or medical waste, Hazardous or Toxic Materials, Fluorescent tubes, Solvents, Liquids, Oil, petrol or diesel

PLEASE NOTE – if these items are discovered in the bin, the Mega Bag supplier will face a significant surcharge (which will vary item to item) which in turn, they will pass on to you, the customer.

To avoid this happening to you, we recommend carefully reading the information accompanying your bin and if you are ever in any doubt, call our team on 1300 097 928

For as long as you need, unlike the traditional skip bins.

*Please note free cage hire is available for up to 14 weeks. Charges will apply after 14 weeks of cage hire.

Mega Bag is useful when  commencing new construction projects, including residential and commercial developments as well as large renovations.

To manage the construction waste on site, we recommend having a Mega Bag from the commencement of the project.


The Mega Bag will be placed within your property, no further than 4m from the footpath/driveway. This is to ensure our crane truck drivers are able to access the bags when they are to be collected and replaced.

Follow these steps for your Mega Bag collection:

• Contact the Mega Bag team to let them know your bag is full.

• Organise a suitable collection time.

• Our crane trucks will arrive to your site to collect the waste.

• A new Mega Bag will be placed within the cage onsite to ensure a smooth transition for your waste management needs